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Website Design

Website Design

Make Your Cannabis Business Stand Out with Brilliant Website Design!

Many people hit the web to find what they are looking for, making your website their first impression of your business. Combine that with the various studies that show 55% of web traffic spending less than 15 seconds on a page – think it’s about time you upgrade your site to leave a lasting impact?

As an investor, grower, marijuana consultant, retailer, lab, association, directory, or club, your business forms the backbone in the weed industry. All you need is a service provider to work closely with you to develop and define your marketplace identity, position, and presence.

With Greener Groves, your weed site will have visitors on the hook, wanting to learn more or visit your location. Our expertise lies in designing websites for marijuana clients – so your grass gets the attention it deserves.

Why redesign your website?

With us, you stand to gain the best marijuana website design possible, including:

  • Relevant, attractive, responsive designs
  • Compatibility with a variety of devices
  • Budget friendly pricing
  • Immediate results once you go live

Do your current websites for cannabis need a facelift or do you need designs from scratch? We can improve the look and feel of your existing portal or turn it into a moneymaking machine in a snap. Give us a list of your requirements and we can adjust our strategies to fit your needs.

Our solutions

Responsive design: with so many devices on the market, websites need to be portable, consistent, and unchanged regardless of what device it is on. Provide 24/7 access to prospective and loyal clients with responsive designs

Technologies and open source: our technicians optimize with open source platform like Magento, Joomla, WordPress and Drupal. Benefits include affordability, error free coding, and decreased development time.

UX/UI design: an appealing user interface offers an interactive experience

  • Responsive Design

    Users today have overflowing gadget choices within their hand’s reach. From tablets and laptops, to unending stream of mobile phones, the list is endless. We offer a uniform website experience to users on all these platforms through responsive design. It adjusts your site to change screen resolutions and sizes, offering consistency. So, get the best solutions with Groves in Colorado!
    Responsive web design Denver, Colorado
  • Technologies and Open Source

    We utilize the power and benefits of Open source technologies and platforms to offer affordable website design. Our designers and clients alike favor WordPress, Joomla, Magento, and Drupal. WordPress is flexible, powerful, and easy-to-use. Joomla is the award-winning CMS that helps build great websites and apps. Magento is the leading eCommerce platform and Drupal offers 1000s of designs and add-on modules.
    Technologies and open source Denver, Colorado
  • UX/UI Design

    Effective User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) design is crucial to site success as it directly relates to how responsive the visitors will be. UX relates to user tests, field research, one-to-one interactions, detailed analytics, layouts, and prototyping to understand the user. UI design involves appealing visual creation, their placement, guideline establishment, interface layout, interaction, and interface design. While UI design is concerned with visually appealing interface for successful interaction, UX design is all about the overall project outcome.
    UX/UI Design services Colorado, Fort Collins

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