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Web Development

Web Development

Take your unique marijuana biz right to your clients doorstep to create client loyalty, produce high search engine rankings, and visualize online marketing goals.

Greener Groves offers customized web development solutions for your cannabis marketing.

  • Clean codes
  • Quality frameworks
  • Community-made scripts
  • Bold standards, styles
  • Meticulous use of keywords, images

This web development process has the Greener Groves edge.

  • Enterprise Solution

    we utilize Ruby on Rails, an open source platform that provides the desired robustness and development pace. Our programming languages include AJAX, Python, PHP, Java, Flash, and Flex. The solutions involve ERP, CRM, and database management. These solutions streamline various organizational processes and increase market penetration. Features include business intelligence, enterprise app automation, integration, project management, automated billing/invoice systems, interactive services and products catalogue
    Enterprise solution Colorado, Denver
  • CMS Development

    this relates to CI, Cake PHP, and Laravel platforms. Now you get to have more control over your platform. Choose how you can edit, delete and add content to your websites for marijuana. No need to study code or worry about the technical jargon when using our CMS web development, it facilitates database organization for you. For both catalogue and e-commerce sites we prefer cleanly coded, pixel perfect CMS solutions, all within the budget you set.
    CMS website development in Colorado
  • Ecommerce Development

    enable online shopping so you can grow your weed enterprise like never before. Our technicians use Joomla, Magento, Drupal, and WordPress to simplify the complex world of online retail. These feature-rich sites offer promotional discounts, multiple payment modes, tax codes, and different shipping options. Shopping on your e-commerce websites for cannabis will be easy. You can benefit from advanced layouts, compatibility with different browsers, data optimized transfers, easy database integration, and commission management. Effective web development combined with the latest marketing tools and techniques makes your site fun and engaging for customers. Each of our web development processes are ready to ensure your site stays relevant. Plus, Greener Groves technicians offer upgrades, tweaks, and 24/7 support. Make the most of our web development solutions. Call our experts today!
    eCommerce website development in Colorado, Denver

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