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Titanium, a great new way to smoke the ganja

By Norman Greenbaum / Uncategorized / August 23, 2016

We recently completed an eCommerce site for our client Hightanium Design (Hightaniumdesign.com) and they introduced us to a whole new product for the marijuana/cannabis industry. Titanium, it’s an amazing metal and now you can get a pipe or one hitter that’s made from it! A totally safe way to burn (unlike aluminum) and a sound investment since they don’t break. Let me take you back a bit.

The owners of Hightanium Design weren’t in the cannabis industry, they designed and built titanium medical instruments. Then, one day, a friend of theirs was prescribed medical marijuana to cope with their cancer treatments. He was smoking through an aluminum one-hitter when our client told him that he really shouldn’t be smoking thorough aluminum. “Well build me something better then!” his friend said. And, so, he did.

These titanium pieces share a lot of the same benefits as glass, and they appear to be indestructible. I’ve put them both through a rigorous Pepsi challenge and the Hightanium pieces definitely holds their own.

Their one-hitters are selling out of every store they’re in and they’re only getting started. This industry is going crazy and this is yet another innovation that will soon be one of the industry standards.
Screen Shot 2016-08-23 at 3.01.10 PM

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