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The Marijuana Gold Rush is on, and on again and still on and only getting bigger!

By Norman Greenbaum / Uncategorized / October 10, 2016

Yeah, I know this is old news here in Colorado, but it’s election time and there should be some new states coming into the fold. There will most likely be legal recreational marijuana in California, Arizona, Nevada and Maine. Things are also looking great on the Medical Marijuana side where it could soon be legal in Arkansas, Florida, North Dakota and Montana. It’s on the ballot in other states too, they’re up against tough opposition but these things have a way of working out for the good guys.

I realize this can cause a state some headaches when enacting new Cannabis regulations and laws but the payoff is so worth it! Millions of dollars going back into the community and into the schools from tax revenue. Keeping the black market from getting all the profits from marijuana is key. It’s not that difficult to follow the model the Colorado Marijuana industry has laid out.

In the next 12 years Marijuana will be voted into states across the land and the stigma will continue to decrease. Until then we need folks to get out and VOTE for you not only your cannabis laws but vote the whole ticket. What the heck, right?

Then, when Recreational Marijuana & Medical Marijuana laws are passed in your state you can contact Greener Groves Marketing right here in Loveland Colorado to help guide you through your startup. Until then, vote hard and burn one for me.

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