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You know what’s fun? BUSINESS and MARKETING! To add to that, this is Cannabis marketing! Every project is different and so are client expectations. What makes our work different from that of our competitors? We offer the right mix of top-of-the-line implementation, a non compromising approach, incomparable affordability and a love and knowledge of marijuana.

Our customer service is the best and, with us, you get more value and better work than anywhere else. We are constantly striving to stretch our limits, to embrace the most challenging projects and completing them within the tightest schedules and budgets possible. A strong team of dedicated designers, developers, and marketing consultants help us to realize the dreams of our clients and help them achieve the digital marketing edge they seek in the growing cannabis industry.



David Irby

Greener Groves Marketing was formed from the vision of its founder David Irby. In his 20’s Irby was a dirty hippie who roamed the country in his VW camper. Eventually he settled down with his wife and began working in construction. From here launched a line of construction related products which quickly led him into a career in Marketing and Sales. After working for years in the industry he started The Groves Agency which has lead to a second brand, Greener Groves Marketing. Irby has always believed prohibition of Marijuana and Hemp was ridiculous and his work with Greener Groves shows it. David has had a long career as a small business owner full of successes and failures that have shaped the unrelenting attitude it takes to succeed.

It was a small pivot that shifted his journey to become a Sales Executive with MadWire Media, the largest design and marketing firm in Colorado. This changed his direction completely. He then took a position as the Business Development Specialist at Old Town Media, Fort Collins. Both of these experiences were awesome and shaped the direction he would take his brand.

Now, as the owner of Greener Groves Marketing he’s able to take everything he learned in the tech world and the business world and combine them to offer a rare perspective for his clients in the Cannabis industry. That’s why Greener Groves offers premium work and top-notch service, because he’s seen things from both sides of the aisle.

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