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Really, you’re complaining about your $9 million dollar grant ?

By Norman Greenbaum / Uncategorized / August 20, 2016

I saw a television interview with a Glenwood principal and he was was unhappy with a $9,000,000 grant. They’re renovating their school and the grant he was from the marijuana tax revenue. He was upset that the district had to raise additional money, and that we shouldn’t be fooled into thinking it was all from the marijuana initiatives. Really Pal? He went on to say that the true cost of legalization would be in the long term negative effects.

So here’s some Flanders looking dude taking the money but complaining about where it comes from. Here’s an idea, don’t take it! as the expert at 9news said, there are a lot of schools out there who these funds are contributing to. It’s not just for Glenwood Springs.

I just found it annoying, here’s a story about the great things we’ve been able to accomplish with the tax revenue and this ya-hoo goes out of his way to be a huge buzzkill. Enjoy your $9 mil.

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