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  • Consider these 10 ways to reduce bounce rate of your website

    By David / SEO Tips / November 23, 2015

    Establishing a business takes efforts and time. But with the growing hold of the Internet, just starting your business won’t get you anywhere, you need to publicize it to lure in potential customers. Having a website is another thing in today’s world that goes without saying, but just having a website is not enough. You […]

  • Make immediate change through live CSS editor in browser

    By David / Web Development / November 20, 2015

    Most browsers have developer tools that work in a complex framework and have several unused tools. But with Live CSS Editor updating the browser becomes effortless. Resembling its cousin Chrome Dev Tools editor, the Live CSS Editor updates automatically with each modification. With just a few CSS keystrokes, updating the browser in real time is […]

  • How to create Instagram ads

    By David / Social Media Marketing / October 28, 2015

    If any social media site has gained momentum after Facebook and Twitter, then it has to be Instagram. A social media platform that is today heavily used to promote small and medium businesses with pages from talented individuals, playing advertisements on Instagram is the next big thing. If you are a business and planning to […]

  • Set up Google shopping campaign via Merchant Center

    By David / PPC / October 27, 2015

    Digital marketing has its own perks and also there are many other disadvantages, which are eminent from the kind of reach they have in the marketing industries. Digital marketing has to have the highest and the topmost count of the search engine. Just like the billboards placed at the most posh areas in your cities […]

  • A guide on developing killer internal linkings

    By David / SEO Tips / October 20, 2015

    Obtaining a top ranking on the premium search engines is the strongest desire of all the websites trying to gain maximum clients for their business. Web pages are ranked on the basis of their genuineness and accuracy of the data, which adds value to the site’s credibility. Inbound links  taken from the authoritative websites help […]

  • GIFs – The new way to put that profile picture on Facebook

    By David / Social Media Marketing / October 12, 2015

    Profile pictures are the best way to express the way you are. As we all know that we come across a lot of profile pictures or Display pictures daily and we ought to somehow like them on the basis of three things: It is seriously superb It is our relative or best friend’s picture and […]

  • Instagram Ads Open for All Size of Businesses

    By David / Social Media Marketing / October 01, 2015

    After Facebook, the other social media that is reigning today is Instagram. It is as popular as Facebook and thus promoting your lifestyle and brands on Instagram is the best way to be visible and popular in the digital world. If you are looking for an opportunity where you could promote your business, then Instagram […]

  • Free Web Design Tools for Unprofessional Designers

    By David / website design / September 22, 2015

    It is quite understood that most of time you get too busy tracking Google’s current  algorithm updates, link building, analysing web analytics, and refreshing content to keep pace with the competition on the design industry. Most of time creative people having great design sense aren’t good at SEO concept. Same way, only a few individuals […]

  • Why and How to Add Click-to-Call Campaigns to Your AdWords Package?

    By David / PPC / September 16, 2015

    PPC has always been the best fit for e-commerce as they both are a part of one online landscape. PPC has been a challenge for lead-driven and service based organizations, as the communication funnel had to switch to offline leaving online route. For this initially we have to have a good idea of the website, […]

  • 5 Content Marketing Myths to Correct Now

    By David / Content Marketing / September 03, 2015

    As per a survey the content marketing concept is increasing, and is predicted to get double by 2019. And so, every second person will become a content marketer now! This is what the trend is speaking. On LinkedIn, social platforms and digital marketers update their profiles constantly. It is quite obvious that who created or […]

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