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  • Welcome to the Future!

    By Norman Greenbaum / Uncategorized / August 17, 2016

    Yay, Marijuana is legal, here in Colorado anyway and it’s about damn time. I’ve been a proponent of legalization for the last 25 years and my friends and I still pinch ourselves to be living in such an amazing day. My history of being a dirty hippie is pretty far behind me but inside I’m […]

  • 15 Things You Don’t Know About Mr. Irby

    By David / General / July 30, 2016

      I bet you didn’t know these 15 things about Mr. Irby! Check it out! I’m married to my high school sweetheart and we live in Loveland, Co. My favorite book is The Alchemist by Paulo Cuelho. I was a dirty stinky hippie from the age of 22 to 25. I roamed the country in […]

  • How to Create Shareable Posts for LinkedIn

    By Norman Greenbaum / Social Media Marketing / June 23, 2016

    LinkedIn is considered to be one of the most professional and highly popular social media platforms where you can post your blogs easily and get it shared. But is it that easy to create such a post that is shared on LinkedIn? Probably not, but it’s not that tough either! All it requires is hard […]

  • 5 Ways to Use Email Marketing to Boost your Business

    By Norman Greenbaum / Online Marketing / June 17, 2016

    Yes, this is true! You can curate and promote your email campaign in a strategic way to boost your business. If you are also running an online business, this strategic approach of email marketing could be of your use! We’ve outlined five ways of email marketing that can boost your business drastically. Promotional Email Marketing […]

  • 6 SEO Friendly Web Design Mistakes that Every Small Business Owner Must Avoid

    By David / website design / May 31, 2016

    Being a small business owner preparing to create your business website with great design is your priority but you should also know how to make your website SEO-friendly to compete with the current fierce competition. Having an SEO-friendly website is the first thing that is required to be successful in this world of e-commerce. There […]

  • Content Marketing Strategy that Drives and Converts Qualified Traffic to your Website

    By David / Content Marketing / May 27, 2016

    Your website is the face and feel of your online business but it often fails even after having an attractive and engaging website. Do you know why? Due to lack of traffic! Without having a volume of traffic to your website, your business is not successful. Here technology, especially the mobile variety, comes to play […]

  • Ultimate guide to creating effective design for successful marketing campaign

    By David / website design / May 24, 2016

    The design or visual outlook of any business is the first impression before their audiences! So the layout or the design is of the essence when it comes to marketing efforts or branding of your business and the products. Whether you are creating a press release, ad campaign, a brochure, or a website design or […]

  • What to expect to pay for UI/UX design services

    By David / website design / May 18, 2016

    Great UI / UX design is crucial to the overall success of your application – be it web or mobile app! Coming to the cost of UI / UX design services is somewhat vague when it comes to quality design. There are several factors that play an active role when it comes to the actual […]

  • Sales Retraining Month – I know I need it!

    By David / General / February 29, 2016

    Who doesn’t love inbound leads and referral business? They are definitely awesome! However, in order to grow this business I need to get back to sales the old-fashioned way. So this February, I’m going back to my roots by calling on the lessons I learned in the sales pit. We’re talking about cold calling here […]

  • Starting a business is…

    By Logan Martinez / General / February 24, 2016

    Are you filling in the blank right now of how your business started? Was it hard? Easy? Exhilarating? Terrifying? Or maybe a big cluster that turned awesome entrepreneurial success. Either way, it always starts with an idea I can say I had an idea that I wanted to run my own business someday – it […]

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