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My Rushmore of Weed

By Norman Greenbaum / Uncategorized / August 25, 2016

I mentioned in another post that Willy Nelson belongs on the Mount Rushmore of Marijuana, and that really got me thinking. Who are the other three? This isn’t a list of activists, it’s a list of entertainers who’ve embraced the goodness of the herb and been public about it.

The first face is Willy, he’s smoked more weed than most humans and never pretended otherwise. He’s been busted, hassled, mocked and he just stayed on the road doing his thing. Now that prohibition is ending Willy is even launching his own cannabis strain called Willy’s Reserve. He also smoked on the roof of the White House with President Carters son Chip.

Bob Marley, my earliest memories of having my first tokes in college always had a Bob Marley CD playing in the background. I hadn’t listened to much Reggae up to then but it really set the mood and that image of Bob with a giant spliff in his mouth is forever burned in my fondest memories.

Snoop Dogg, I don’t think I need to explain this one, Snoop is loud and proud.

This one was the hardest but after careful consideration I’m going to let George Washington keep his spot. He grew massive amounts of hemp and he also separated some females for smoking. It’s well known that he used hemp oil to relieve his toothaches. Other presidents who burned will have to be another post but we’re talking about Lincoln, Kennedy, Obama, Clinton, etc.

Most of us are just now coming around to the fact that cannabis is legal and we’re use to keeping it on the DL. These four I mentioned above have never shy’d away from how they really feel and been totally open about the greatness of the ganja.

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