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Greener Daily Marijuana Marketing Blog #1

By Norman Greenbaum / Greener Daily Blog / August 19, 2016

Marijuana marketing is unique, you can’t run the same ads or open the same accounts as normal businesses. Until prohibition is lifted on a federal level we’ll have to be careful on how we build our brands. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is key in cannabis marketing. You have to do it organically, all through blogging, social media and online activity.

It’s also necessary to get out there and be a part of the community. Networking is important in all business but Marijuana is a community, I feel like outsiders are generally untrusted. Things are legal now but a lot of us have habits we can’t let go, back in our day that shit would get you busted. I’m sad that all the states can’t experience the freedom we have here in Colorado.

It’s really time for all of us cannabis users to get over the feeling that we’re doing something wrong. Just because they’ve been telling us that for our whole life doesn’t make it true. Trusting Nancy Reagan was fine when it came to the hard drugs but she was way off on weed.

I’ll write a daily post on some sort of marketing issue we face or a tip that I pick up along the way. I’m just so excited to be working in marijuana marketing, it’s like the best of everything.

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