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Life in the land of Legal Weed

By Norman Greenbaum / Uncategorized / September 17, 2016

I’ve gotten pretty use to marijuana being legal, it’s easy to forget that most of the country is still looking through the gate with puppy dog eyes. Legalization is on it’s way for many more states and I don’t mean to make people jealous but the truth is, being legal is awesome! Other than all the herb I’ve grown and smoked, I’ve never been much of a troublemaker so being an outlaw is a drag.

I remember driving through Utah when I was 22 and being scared to death of getting pulled over. I was in my hippie bus and I was heading back home after a summer on the road. I don’t even know if I had any herb on me but that bus had to have some randomly rolling around after the summer I had. This was my first Rainbow Gathering and that bus was a popular spot to burn one down. Anyway, I didn’t get stopped, I drove through in the middle of the night. It was a pretty beautiful sight, there was a big moon and the Utah landscape is pretty breathtaking when silhouetted. I definitly had a little weed because there were a few sites that inspired me to worship in the bus even though I knew I was like a duck on the pond for those Utah troopers. I made it.

When you drive in Colorado you don’t have to worry if you’re holding, it’s an amazing feeling. So much so that recently when we had to pop up into Wyoming on our way to Steamboat I immediately got a little freaked out. I’m a dad, and a professional and I really don’t want to get hassled by the man. We drove through there for all of 30 minutes but it was sure nice to tuck back into CO an head towards Walden. And Wyoming is one of the chill states

Once we got to the Boat there were plenty of dispensaries to choose from. I had never tried any sort of extract before (other than resin back in the day when I ran out) but when we got to our friend place he had some. We didn’t dab it (though I do now know what that is and will eventually try it) but it was good on top of a bowl.

The point is we’re 40+ year old dudes who have wives, kids, careers and a lot to lose. It’s such a beautiful thing that the people of Colorado got this so right. I can’t think of any other laws I break, the plates on my 78 Mercedes are expired but do you know how expensive a diesel emissions test is? Besides, I’m not deathly afraid of getting pulled over by tho Po-Po like I have been for the last 20 years. It took a little time for the stigma of cannabis to disappear but it’s definitely gone here. I’m sorry for all of you who still live in the states working it out but, your time will come. Until then, come to Colorado for a week and have a high old time, we’re the new Amsterdam without the tulips and prostitutes.
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