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Congrats on the legalization of marijuana in California, Nevada, Massachusetts and Maine!

By Norman Greenbaum / Uncategorized / November 10, 2016

Another wonderful day to be alive in the USA! Congratulations to our friends on the legalization of recreational marijuana in Massachusetts, Nevada, California and Maine! Thanks to the information age our country is slowly realizing the benefits of taking cannabis sales out of the black market and into mainstream society. Colorado was early but it’s awesome to see our fellow Americans following close behind.

California, knows how to party! No doubt California will become the hub for marijuana on the west coast, the New Amsterdam of the United States. Last year while visiting my friend in San Francisco I actually forgot that they didn’t have legal recreational weed. We’re talking about the marijuana capitol of the country back in my day. Humboldt County was mecca. I can’t wait to see what goes down out west, not to mention all those new businesses that want top of the line marketing at flyover state prices.

Congratulations Massachusetts, my best friend moved to Cape Cod 2 years ago and starting in 2017 he’s legal again. It’s a good thing too, he’s not a lawbreaker whatsoever, and he plays the banjo for god’s sake. I’ve wanted to make it out there and now it looks like I’ll be taking a business trip to Boston in 2017.

Nevada, what don’t you have. It use to be scary holding in Vegas, seriously, the same city that hands out hooker cards as you walk down the street with your kids. It’s about time, nothing like burning one down and hitting the casino. Or if your thing to do in Vegas is relax and catch some sun then you’re in business here too. Who wants to hang out in the desert without weed, our time has come. I might even make it down to the Hoover dam next time.

And then there’s Maine, cannabis has made it to northeast, as northeast as it gets. The vote isn’t quite final but the “Yes” vote leads by one point with 99 percent of the precincts reporting. Go Maine!! Get this passed please, we need you!

It was a huge election for medical marijuana too, over half the states now have some form of legal cannabis. We’ll get back to you with that, there’s a lot of great news to cover.

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