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Design platforms that we use

The design platform you choose can make or break your CMS solution and website. That’s why our technicians choose the very best solution for your site. Plus, choosing an open source platform keeps development costs reasonable. Some design platforms that our developers prefer include:Laravel: this open source framework is ideal for PHP web apps. Benefits include easy management, use, dependable, flexible with expressive syntax.

Cake PHP: with a base in MVC programming, the robust framework runs logically. Organizing databases with precision is easy.

CodeIgnitor: based in Swift programming language, this is a web building open source platform. It uses PHP for building dynamic pages and is fast and powerful.

Joomla: this web-building app is mega powerful, offers both extensibility and simplicity of use to the developers and end users.

Drupal: both open source and free, it is a popular framework choice for building enterprise CMS websites.

Our Benefits

A) Future ready CMS website for cannabis marketing
B) Affordable solutions with no quality compromise
C) Project completion within timeframe and budget
D) Rich technical knowledge, deep industry experience

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