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Man, have we got news for you. Industry trends predict unprecedented growth for marijuana businesses in the next three years. Twenty-three U.S. states have legalized marijuana and more are on their way. Arcview Group, the leading cannabis research firm, predicts the industry worth as a whopping $6.7 billion by 2020. That means now is the time to reevaluate your weed marketing strategies to capitalize on your piece of the cannabis infused pie.

How does your business stand out from the hundreds of other marijuana shops online? Are you ready for a flood of demand?

Through the years Greener Groves has been collaborating with well-known cannabis dispensaries, head shops, grow shops and more to gain industry insight in order to give your brand the prominence it deserves online. As one of the leading names in marijuana online marketing, we specialize in Web Design, Web Development, Strategic Branding, Strategic Consultation, Mobile App Development, and Digital Marketing for distinguished marijuana clients.

Our Benefits

  • Acute industry knowledge
  • Understanding client requirements
  • Experienced design and development team
  • Meticulous attention to detail
  • Meeting your timelines and budget
  • Tailored and interactive solutions

Your brand can achieve steady results with the right solutions, strategies, and ideas that shape culture and influence the consumer market!

Our Solutions

We cater to a variety of medical and recreational marijuana services, including delivery solutions, capital investment firms, hydroponics stores, CBD online sellers, smoke shops, and  more. Our extensive industry knowledge helps create interest for your brand.

Why Us

    • Attract the right people online
    • Increase website traffic
    • Turn visitors into buyers
    • Build up trust, increase brand awareness
    • Increase business ROI

The ebb and flow of the cannabis industry and increasing buyer interest has forced suppliers, providers, sellers, and other associated groups to adopt aggressive marketing tactics. This industry is turning into survival of the fittest – don’t get left behind. Bask in the spotlight with our cannabis website design and development solutions.

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What will become of legal cannabis under a new administration?

By David / Uncategorized / Mar 03,2017
Just when we thought the stigma attached with legal cannabis was about to disappear, we have to worry all over again with the recent election and the change in regime. However, even Republican governors are telling the powers that be to leave our states alone, we’ve got this! A situation that initially scared me now...
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  • The Groves Agency Testimonial - Michelle-Crutcher

    Michelle Crutcher

    Owner, Designs Boutique

    We’re currently working with The Groves Agency to build a new custom eCommerce site for our boutique in Fort Collins. We’ve been in the retail business for over 20 years but had no idea what it took to translate our brand into an online store. Groves has worked with us and helped us every step of the way, listening and hearing what we wanted without rushing us or pushing us to do it their way. It’s clear they understand things from their client’s perspective and we feel great about the site we’re about to launch. We highly recommend them to everybody, whether you know what you want or if you don’t, Groves will help you get there.
  • The Groves Agency Testimonial - Emily Orr

    Emily Orr

    Owner, Mojito Creek

    When we bought Mojito Creek and decided to turn it into a vacation rental our marketing was at square one. The Groves Agency helped us figure out what we could accomplish with our website and what our brand needed to stand for. They designed a beautiful logo and very unique business cards that we're thrilled with. They also took care of our social media pages and built us a state of the art website that handles every aspect of the property rental process. The most important thing is that they are always there to answer questions and they treat us like family. We couldn't have chosen a better partner for building our brand.
  • The Groves Agency Testimonial -Darin-Slocum

    Darin Slocum

    Owner, Ambassador Real Estate

    We are thoroughly enjoying our relationship with The Groves Agency, they redesigned our logo and built us a beautiful new website, social media pages, business cards and even yard signs for our home listings. We have an ongoing partnership and they treat us like we’re a part of one big team, always looking out for our best interests and giving us honest answers. I highly recommend them to anybody who wants their business to grow and present the right image for their brand.

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  • The Groves Agency Testimonial -Mojito-creek
  • The Groves Agency Testimonial -Irbine-neoprene
  • The Groves Agency Testimonial -Designs-boutique
  • designs-boutique
  • ambassador-colorado
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